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Pocket watches are a disappearing tradition that have unfortunately lost their popularity during the last few decades. Even in the 1950s and 1940s gold pocket watches were very popular but todat the pocketwatch has been taken over by the such wristwatches as the Bell & Ross watch.

A traditional pocket watch is worn inside the wearers pocket. The watch itself is strapped to the user by a chain or string. There are four types of chains that are used and a fob watch is usually never seen without a chain. The first type is a Double Albert, which consists of two chains attached to a T-bar at the end of the chains. This T-bar can be attached to a button hole by inserting it through it and twisting it 90 degrees. This prevens the watch from falling and also protects it against stealing. Another type of chain is the Single Albert or Half Albert which is very similar to the DA, as it also has the bar at the end of it but instead of having two chains the SA consists only of one chain.These previous chain types come in two lenghts and one of them is the short lenght which is actually almost half of the original lenght. This makes it easyer to hold a fob watch for decorative purposes. This is usually for the open face pocket watches which do not have a cover on the watch face.

The third type is the Spring Ring Chain ( SRC ). The SRC unlike the SA and DA does not have a bar at its end but is instead attached to the belt or even the beltstraps. This makes the SRC even slighlty more secure to carry a gold pocket watch around, even an engraved one which usually hold a lot of sentimental value. As the chain does not come off the belt so easily as it does from the button hole. This type of chain is although not looking as distinguished as the SA and DA which are the traditional types worn by the Aristocrates and later by the Railroad Men.

As the fourth type of chain that is normally used with a fob is the belt hook model. This is usually worn with a modern cheap pocket watch that is held in the trousers pocket instead of a holder or a watch pocket in a vest. These are usually found with the lenghts of ten to twelve inches and the DA and SA come with lengts up to two feet. The Single and Double Albert chains are more commonly found with high quality jewelled movement pocket watches like the ones from Ball, Patek-Philippe, Waltham, Hamilton, Elgin and Illnois. Even Tissot and Rolex.

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