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Pocket watch is a piece of equipment that is often associated with antiquity and obsolescence. Pocket watch becomes a collector’s item as this portable timepiece is replaced with a very comfortable wristwatch. Take note that the pocket watch is a status symbol during the 15th century, just like the mobile phones during the 90’s. Mobile phones have their own holders and so do pocket watches. It is necessary to have a pocket watch holder for your treasured portable timepiece so that the colors and the materials used will last long. There are a lot of pocket watch holder that can be bought in the market, ranging with various prizes and designs. In selecting a pocket watch holder, make sure that it isn’t as expensive as the pocket watch itself. If you are one of those watch collectors, having a pocket watch holder can preserve the true value of your pocket watch. Take note that these gadgets are rare nowadays. Apart from the wristwatch, mobile phones are also equipped with time functions plus the functionality of determining the time from the different countries, leaving the pocket watch in utter obsolescence, having only its worth in fictional movies where it becomes a super gadget with fictional functionality.

The appeal of a pocket watch is also enhanced by the pocket watch holder. If you are going to buy one, make sure that it is made up of genuine leather endowed with decorative arts to express its antiquity. Often times, a thing that has an antique appeal can add up more into its face value. Pocket watch holder made up of genuine leather can add extra life to the item as leather is soft and does not cause any scratches and yet firm enough to protect it from breakage. Metals holders can cause more scratch and the soft cotton cannot protect it from any undue impact. These are the reasons why leathers are most preferred. And speaking of leather, the genuine ones are often preferred because it is far more durable than the faux one. Faux leather can easily be bent and torn – another reason why it is a best material for your pocket watch holder.

Any decoration on the surface of the leather can add appeal to the item. Just make sure that any enhancement is also durable and won’t fall off easily. It wouldn’t be nice to have a perfect decoration that can falls off easily with just a slight impact. For this reason, many people opt to have a design that is definitely not glued on the leather surface. It must be embroidered so that it will be as durable as the main material.

If you’ve got a genuine and antique pocket watch you would want to sell to antique collectors, make sure that it has the most appealing holder. Although originally pocket watches have their own holders when manufactured, due to its time, many of these holders are gone long ago. There are a few enterprising guys who are creative and inventive enough to produce one even if the item is obsolete. It’s like creating an object when you know there is a little demand for it. But it has, definitely – for watch collectors.

Another tip in choosing the best pocket watch holder is to make sure that it fits perfectly with your pocket watch. You wouldn’t want to have a holder where the content is constantly rattling and shaking with just a few shakes. Also make sure that it is fashionable and appealing enough for the prospect buyer to ensure your sale. If the intention is not to sell but to display, well, it bears the same face value with the onlookers.

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