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As it has unfortunately happened the pocket watch has gone out of fashion. It has been almost completely replaced with the wristwatch which is found more practical by the main stream. Many high quality chronographs are being produced nowdays but they dont really feel like the quality watchmakers fob watches.

The pocket watch is something that was and still is usually made by some smaller clockmaker and not as a mass production as many of the other time showers nowdays. They are held in a watch pocket in the front of a vest or like nowdays in the fift pocket of ones trousers. For the fift pocket it is usually kept with a belt hook chain or a spring ring chain as with the vest pocket usually a Double Albert or a Single Albert chain is used.

There are different types of casings for pocket watches. The cases started out as being quite big before they started manufacturing spring driven wathes. They came also with open face and so called hunter case. And also these cases were usually spherical or cylindrical and were actually worn around the nect with a loop chain. This is were the today's rapper tradition of wearing a clock around the neck originates. You know what time it is when you have a watch on your neck. The pocket watch were not that big but they sure were more distinguished and had more accurate movements. Even though you really can't compare them with a chronograph.

The pocket watches started out as merely an experiment and as they evolved it became mandatory for railroad workers to have one. Just like the military Rolex has become in the US army. At these times you would be talking about a crown wind with lever set movements. These types of watches were made after the crown wind and crown set movements. The railroad watches had a setting lever which was used to set the time. Today there are some other types of movements found in the fob watches and they have become a lot of more practical to use.

Adjusting the movements can be quite tricky, and it usually takes a lot of time. There are eight types of movements which consist of dial up, dial down, crown up, crown down, crown left, crown right, temperature and isochronism. It is very expensive to get all the eight of the movements adjusted and the usual pocket can be found with three of less movements adjusted.

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