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Pocket watches are here to stay since its invention in 15th century. It was used to calculate time for trains and by the end of 19th century; the pocket watch has become a status symbol. Although its popularity declined during the World War II, as replace by the most comfortable wristwatch used by soldiers, the pocket watch is still widely used as an accessory in three-piece suits for men, which is the fashion trend at during the 1950’s. To date, gold pocket watch is often accompanied by a chain which make it easy for the owner to just wear it by hanging on the neck or tying it up on the belt. The wristwatch is very much preferred over the gold pocket watch because the wristwatch is greatly accessible when needed as opposed to the gold pocket watch where you will have to place it somewhere else that can be discomforting. Only a few people have found a very good use for gold pocket watches.

However, to this date, gold pocket watches are often awarded to retiring employees. Pocket watches have become a cultural symbol. Many companies make use of this practice especially if it is a vintage one. For this reason, many antique dealers and collectors are always searching for vintage gold pocket watches as there are only a few of these are existing nowadays. Modern pocket watches include the Patek Philippe pocket watch. This brand of pocket watch is nice to have and own.

If you desired to have your own collection, make sure that you will be able to buy it only on respectable and credible antique shops. If you are unsure if a certain pocket watch is vintage or not, check first the manufacturer. For the American pocket watch manufacturers, this can be relatively easy. Knowing the specific brand is the first important step. The second is to determine the date it was manufactured. It is important to check also its serial numbers. You can easily obtain this information from reputable websites dedicated in determining the authenticity of a vintage pocket watch. Before spending those precious money on antique items, be sure to check out if it is real or not.

On the other hand, pocket watches can be a good accessory not only on formal men’s suites but as well as on cars and office desks. Providing the time is not only the purpose of pocket watches but it serves as an antiquity symbol wherein men have known the importance of time and invented this timepiece. Pocket watches are often equated with time precision. Just make sure that it is made up of timeless materials like gold and silver and accentuated with lustrous design and colors to make it more attractive.

When purchasing pocket watches, make sure that it is still fully functional, not just a piece of antique fit enough to be a junk material in your junkyard. Often times reviving this timepiece can mean more damage and yet more dime to spare. Gold pocket watches are rare; there are only a few of manufacturers of these old gadgets. In this connection, these are collectors’ item and can prove to be valuable and often sold at a high price. As time goes, the value of these timepieces goes up, and for the reason more people would want to have these vintage gadgets. As mentioned a while ago, this old gadget has become more of a cultural symbol (not if has considerable damage that it cannot function anymore even with repeated repairs). It is important to preserve its manufacturer’s logo as well as it serial intact inside the gadget to assure its vintageness.

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